“A Wall Runs Through It”, Chapter 3 // RANKOVCE

Rudo (26) and his partner Maria (22) with their daughters and son Kevin in front of their self built house in Rankovce, Slovakia.

“Building Hope” – from a shack into a 3E House – is a pilot project to establish micro-loan funds for transformative change in socially excluded Roma communities. The pilot project in Rankovce took place in a marginalized Roma community – all the builders were unemployed Roma living with their families in difficult conditions. A Slovak NGO supports the construction of homes by the Roma themselves, who are then granted ownership.

The image belongs to the 3rd chapter of my longterm project “A Wall Runs Through It” about Roma communities in east Slovakia.

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How a Broken Economic System Keeps Roma Children in Special Schools

The published story is here

UPDATE: Copyright Infringement_#1 “Le Quotidien”

It took 8 months time and the help from LaPixa and their lawyer to get finally compensated for my “stolen” image published by “Le Quotidien” in Luxembourg. The case did not go to the court and suddenly – after receiving post from a lawyer – “Le Quotidien” agreed to a higher compensation then the usual license fee. In the end they paid about 8 times more – including the lawyer fees and my compensation – then they would have if they licensed the image in the beginning.

The whole case is described in my older post here

Stalin Replica in Prague

For a TV movie called “Monstrum” produced by Czech Television a huge replica of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was installed at the metronome in the Czech capital. More images

“A Wall Runs Through It”, Chapter 2 // Lunik IX

The Lunik IX housing estate is home to the largest Roma community in Slovakia. It is located a few kilometers away from the historical city centre, on the outskirts of the eastern Slovakian city of Kosice. Since the beginning of the 1980s a large number of the Roma residents living in the city and in nearby settlements have been moved to Lunik IX. 

Project landing page: http://a-wall-runs-through-it.oka2.com

“A Wall Runs Through It”, Chapter 1 // Ostrovany

My long term project “A Wall Runs Through it” about 5 different Roma communities in east Slovakia will be launched today with the first chapter about “Ostrovany”. The 8th of April is the International Romani Day, a day to celebrate Romani culture and raise awareness of the issues facing Romani people.

“Project M” // South Korea // Allianz

Online: http://projectm-online.com/demographics/a-title-no-country-wants/

Copyright Infringements_#2 “Meteo Web Pages in Italy”

It seems that I am involuntary contributing to many different commercial web pages dealing with weather and weather forecast in Italy. In other words all those pages are using my image from the village of Tomtor in Yakutia without any permission, license fee or credit – some of them since 2011, as www.meteoweb.eu


The original images is here: http://photos.oka2.com/#!/index/G0000tk9O6_dysSA/I0000UTqDC6mvsA4

The reactions when “informing” them about that are really impressing and some are here :

“The image was taken from the Web and there was no indication that there were rights reserved. Seeing that this information was not available and that Trilud acted in good faith, the use of the photograph in question can’t be seen as being improper and nothing is due by Trilud.”

“We found the photo, without any specific copyright on google and was connected to a piece of news so we used it in good faith.”

“I think that is also rude ask money for a photo that you can find everywhere in the web also in free meteorologycal forums.”

To stop those infringements I decided to corporate with www.lapixa.de from Berlin.


Copyright Infringement_#1 “Le Quotidien”

After Google introduced the “reverse image search” I am sometimes looking where my work appears without a legal license and I decided to publish the most bizarre cases where my work was stolen. I found the pdf below via Google and it is an image I made a longer time ago, which is a portrait of Austrian writer Vea Kaiser in Prague. So far so good.

The original image is here:

I contacted the publication http://www.lequotidien.lu/  in Luxembourg. I was in touch with the editor in chief who admitted that probably their correspondent “found” the image on Google and they just used it.

He admitted that they used the image without checking the copyright holder, without asking me as the author, without license fee and without mentioning my name as the creator of the photograph.

He seemed to be understandable, we agreed for a higher license fee then usual because of all the above mentioned infringements and he promised to pay my work, what unfortunately never happened. I contacted them several times again but never anybody replied, maybe they will now.

With bizarre in the beginning I meant that the case seems to be very clear but anyway the publication is waiting that I will sue them, probably expecting that I will not. The next step will be a copyright lawyer.

I had about 40 cases of copyright infringement in the last months and it is becoming more and more. I am not talking about bloggers which use my images without asking (they could ask and maybe I even would agree), but about commercial use on the internet and print. Here I found the image :