Copyright Infringements_#2 “Meteo Web Pages in Italy”

It seems that I am involuntary contributing to many different commercial web pages dealing with weather and weather forecast in Italy. In other words all those pages are using my image from the village of Tomtor in Yakutia without any permission, license fee or credit – some of them since 2011, as°-novita-dalla-terza-decade/92852/

The original images is here:!/index/G0000tk9O6_dysSA/I0000UTqDC6mvsA4

The reactions when “informing” them about that are really impressing and some are here :

“The image was taken from the Web and there was no indication that there were rights reserved. Seeing that this information was not available and that Trilud acted in good faith, the use of the photograph in question can’t be seen as being improper and nothing is due by Trilud.”

“We found the photo, without any specific copyright on google and was connected to a piece of news so we used it in good faith.”

“I think that is also rude ask money for a photo that you can find everywhere in the web also in free meteorologycal forums.”

To stop those infringements I decided to corporate with from Berlin.


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