“Kmeny 90” (Tribes 90) exhibition in Brno

Last Saturday was the opening of “Kmeny 90” (“Tribes 90”) in the Moravian Gallery in Brno, an exhibition about subcultures in the 90‘s in Czech Republic. I am glad to have 18 images in this wonderful exhibition from a series I photographed on the streets of Žižkov in Prague from 1994 to 1996 when I was a student at FAMU. The images were over 20 years archived and almost forgotten, suddenly they are alive again and exhibited. Many thanks to Honza Havel and curator Vladimir 518 for making that possible. Děkuju !



Finding Elvis // Part 2: Tracking Down A Bosnian Boy 25 Years after the War


“Finding Elvis” via my agency Panos Pictures. Here is my story about the meeting with Elvis, his sister Elvira and the whole family after 25 years and the first time after we met 1992 at the refugee camp in Varazdin, Croatia.

Finding Elvis // Part 1: Tracking Down A Bosnian Boy 25 Years after the War

While working as a volunteer in a refugee camp in Varaždīn in Croatia in 1992 during the Balkan wars Panos photographer Björn Steinz met 6 year old Bosnian boy Elvis.

Though the two couldn’t communicate, they quickly became friends. Björn taught him how to ride a bicycle and photographed him standing on a field gun.

Over the ensuing 25 years Björn periodically remembered Elvis and thought of getting back in touch with him. Finally, in 2017, with the help of Radio Free Europe and an appeal for Elvis to get in touch broadcast on Bosnian television and on the RFERL Balkan Service web page, the two made contact and met in at Elvis’ house, 25 kilometres outside Sarajevo where he now lives with his family.

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“A Wall Runs Through It”, Chapter 3 // RANKOVCE

Rudo (26) and his partner Maria (22) with their daughters and son Kevin in front of their self built house in Rankovce, Slovakia.

“Building Hope” – from a shack into a 3E House – is a pilot project to establish micro-loan funds for transformative change in socially excluded Roma communities. The pilot project in Rankovce took place in a marginalized Roma community – all the builders were unemployed Roma living with their families in difficult conditions. A Slovak NGO supports the construction of homes by the Roma themselves, who are then granted ownership.

The image belongs to the 3rd chapter of my longterm project “A Wall Runs Through It” about Roma communities in east Slovakia.

The direct link to the 3rd chapter is here:


The project landing page and the previous two chapters here:


Updated Online Portfolio: www.bjoern-steinz.com


How a Broken Economic System Keeps Roma Children in Special Schools

The published story is here

UPDATE: Copyright Infringement_#1 “Le Quotidien”

It took 8 months time and the help from LaPixa and their lawyer to get finally compensated for my “stolen” image published by “Le Quotidien” in Luxembourg. The case did not go to the court and suddenly – after receiving post from a lawyer – “Le Quotidien” agreed to a higher compensation then the usual license fee. In the end they paid about 8 times more – including the lawyer fees and my compensation – then they would have if they licensed the image in the beginning.

The whole case is described in my older post here

Stalin Replica in Prague

For a TV movie called “Monstrum” produced by Czech Television a huge replica of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was installed at the metronome in the Czech capital. More images

“A Wall Runs Through It”, Chapter 2 // Lunik IX

The Lunik IX housing estate is home to the largest Roma community in Slovakia. It is located a few kilometers away from the historical city centre, on the outskirts of the eastern Slovakian city of Kosice. Since the beginning of the 1980s a large number of the Roma residents living in the city and in nearby settlements have been moved to Lunik IX. 

Project landing page: http://a-wall-runs-through-it.oka2.com