Prague Pandemonium

PRAGUE_PANDEMONIUM_HD from Panos Pictures on Vimeo.

Björn Steinz has been documenting the extraordinary volumes of tourists flooding into his adoptive home town Prague over the past months and compiled his work into a short film giving a sense of the constant flow or inquisitive visitors.

Sculptor Olbram Zoubek // 1996

Olbram Zoubek (21 April 1926 – 15 June 2017) was a contemporary Czech sculptor and designer. His work was inspired by Swiss-Italian sculptor Alberto Giacometti. Zoubek was particularly well known for having taken a death mask of Jan Palach, a Charles University student who burned himself to death in protest over the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

One of his most famous works is his “Memorial to the Victims of Communism” in Prague. (Wikipedia)

Žižkov // 1994-1996

In 1994 I moved to Prague to study photography at the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU). By accident I found a flat in Prague 3 – Žižkov, the quarter where I still do live after 25 years. The project was a documentary about the changes in the quarter and I photographed those images in-between 1994 and 1996. As I just moved from Germany to Czech Republic I was not able to communicate in Czech and not so many people were speaking a foreign language I could use.


Collection of Tearsheets


Over 31,000 dogs from 73 nations will come together from 8-12 November 2017 in Leipzig for the world’s most important dog show. In addition to the World Dog Show and German Winner Show the VDH is also organizing a jam-packed programme of fringe events at the Leipzig Trade Fair. Dog lovers will be enthralled by various dog sport events. The Dog Dancing World Championships, the German Agility Championships, an international flyball tournament and so will the European Dog Diving Championships. Story here : Gallery

Inclusive Education Reform Presents a Litmus Test for the Czech Republic

Here the whole article:

“Kmeny 90” (Tribes 90) exhibition in Brno

Last Saturday was the opening of “Kmeny 90” (“Tribes 90”) in the Moravian Gallery in Brno, an exhibition about subcultures in the 90‘s in Czech Republic. I am glad to have 18 images in this wonderful exhibition from a series I photographed on the streets of Žižkov in Prague from 1994 to 1996 when I was a student at FAMU. The images were over 20 years archived and almost forgotten, suddenly they are alive again and exhibited. Many thanks to Honza Havel and curator Vladimir 518 for making that possible. Děkuju !


Finding Elvis // Part 2: Tracking Down A Bosnian Boy 25 Years after the War


“Finding Elvis” via my agency Panos Pictures. Here is my story about the meeting with Elvis, his sister Elvira and the whole family after 25 years and the first time after we met 1992 at the refugee camp in Varazdin, Croatia.

Finding Elvis // Part 1: Tracking Down A Bosnian Boy 25 Years after the War

While working as a volunteer in a refugee camp in Varaždīn in Croatia in 1992 during the Balkan wars Panos photographer Björn Steinz met 6 year old Bosnian boy Elvis.

Though the two couldn’t communicate, they quickly became friends. Björn taught him how to ride a bicycle and photographed him standing on a field gun.

Over the ensuing 25 years Björn periodically remembered Elvis and thought of getting back in touch with him. Finally, in 2017, with the help of Radio Free Europe and an appeal for Elvis to get in touch broadcast on Bosnian television and on the RFERL Balkan Service web page, the two made contact and met in at Elvis’ house, 25 kilometres outside Sarajevo where he now lives with his family.

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