“A Wall Runs Through it”_

I received a grant from VG Bild-Kunst based in Germany to continue my project about the
co-existence of majority population and Roma minority in the area around Kosice in
eastern Slovakia. I am very glad that I am supported and able to continue my work.

Recognized & Represented for Open Society Foundations

Work I made for the Open Society Foundations in Macedonia this year, the audio
slideshow is here

“A Wall Runs Through it”. New story from eastern Slovakia.

A story about the difficult co-existence of majority population and Roma minority in
eastern Slovakia. The whole feature at Panos Pictures.

Zizkov 1994-1996

In 1994 I moved from Germany to Prague to study photography at The Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU). By accident I found a flat during this time located on the opposite side of the tunnel connecting Karlin and Zizkov in Prague 3. When I started studying there was an ongoing documentary project about Zizkov at my school and with a few fellow students we started to document the area. After almost 20 years I went through all my old negatives, scanned them and made a new edit of the “old” images. Why ? I do not really know…
The whole set is here

German writer Katharina Hartwell

Paralegal in Macedonia

Part of a story I photographed for the Open Society Foundations this year. I was following
paralegal Romina Kajtazova during her work with Macedonian Roma. The whole project
is called “Bringing Justice to Health” and has 11 personal stories from different parts of the
world which show how “for better public health, access to justice matters as much as medicine.”


Mario Bihari & Bachtale Apsa

Photography: Björn Steinz, Post production and design: Lukas Tuma

I was photographing for my friend Mario Bihari and Bachtale Apsa the booklet for their new
album “Slzy Stesti”, the whole thing is here

The fascinating Czech band “The Tap Tap”

“The Tap Tap” at the Open Air Festival “Colors of Ostrava” – link to the publication
More images here


We started in Frankfurt with a rainbow and landed in Prague with another rainbow, what
a fascinating view. More images made with a telephone here: http://instagram.com/rischaard

Roma settlements in eastern Slovakia.


Another edit of the work I was assigned for by the Open Society Foundations
last November about Roma settlements in eastern Slovakia, I visited those
settlements with OSF videographer and multimedia producer Lauren Frohne.

Some more about our visit there you can find on Lauren’s blog.