Journey to the Pole of Cold

My journey to the coldest populated area on Earth started in January. I left South Korea by boat to Vladivostok and then further by plane to the city of Yakutsk. There I had been already in the winter two years ago and my friend, well known blogger Bolot Bochkarev, mobilised shortly before his friends and people he knew to realise a trip to the “Pole of Cold”.  He really managed to find enough people to fill one UAZ (Russian off-road vehicle) and finally joined us in the last possible minute…the rest is already history. We left Yakutsk to the “Pole of Cold” during an early Sunday morning and I had no idea what was going to happen during the next 5 days…

Below you will find four chapters of the Journey to the “Pole of Cold” in Yakutia/Russia.

  1. Wow. So impressive! Really great! Greetings from Weimar, Jens